OpenProducer’s Community Media Pilot provides indie media and arts orgs with training, mentorship and technical assistance while growing the organizational capacity to sustain over time. 


  • Enable and enhance original content creation
  • Grow revenue via fundraising, sponsorships, partnerships, and related services.
  • Identify new models for content distribution and licensing 
  • Increase audience engagement


  • Training, mentorship and technical assistance to help strengthen organizational capacities as well as diversify revenue streams.
  • Provide community members real-world learning opportunities to produce, engineer, host, write, interview, and create the media


Once enrolled, OpenProducer and partners would do the following:

  • Set Up an onboarding meeting to discuss specific goals and needs
  • Continuing research into best practices in revenue development
  • Series of in-person and virtual courses, workshops, hackathons, and other training opportunities for staff and volunteers.
  • Create toolkits and share best practices to help achieve long-term sustainability
  • Enroll in quarterly fundraising events