AzuraCast is a lightweight, powerful, accessible, self-hosted, free and open-source web radio management suite. From a brand new server, get your radio station up and running in just minutes, then manage your media, playlists, DJs and more from our simple web interface.

AzuraCast is under very active development, and new features and bug fixes are released on nearly a daily basis. Radio stations from around the world use AzuraCast to power their stations, thanks to its modern codebase (which runs lightning fast on even the most affordable VPS solutions), global crowd-sourced localizations and cross-platform flexibility (including full turnkey support for Docker).


  • Rich Media Management: Upload songs, edit metadata, preview songs and organize music into folders from your browser.
  • Playlists: Add music to standard-rotation playlists (in sequential or shuffled playback order) or schedule a playlist to play at a scheduled time, or once per x songs/minutes/etc.
  • Live DJs: Set up individual DJ/streamer accounts and see who’s currently streaming from your station’s profile page.
  • Web DJ: Broadcast live directly from your browser, with no extra software needed, with AzuraCast’s built-in Web DJ tool.
  • Public Pages: AzuraCast includes embeddable public pages that you can integrate into your existing web page or use as the basis for your own customized player.
  • Listener Requests: Let your listeners request specific songs from your playlists, both via an API and a simple public-facing listener page.
  • Remote Relays: Broadcast your radio signal (including live DJs) to any remote server running Icecast or SHOUTcast.
  • Web Hooks: Integrate your station with Slack, Discord, TuneIn, Twitter and more by setting up web hooks that connect to third-party services.
  • Detailed Analytics and Reports: Keep track of every aspect of your station’s listeners over time. View reports of each song’s impact on your listener count. You can also generate a report that’s compatible with SoundExchange for US web radio royalties.

Contribution Goals

  • Stand-alone WordPress plugin.
  • Integration with Radio Station plugin.
  • Include in a custom Newspack setup targeting radio stations, broadcasters, and arts organizations.
  • Documentation, tutorials, courses, and other training materials.
  • In-person and virtual training for contributors (all roles).
  • Help sustain and grow via fundraisers, hackathons, and other events.